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5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes is located in San Jose, Costa Rica  and was established 1998, 5Dimes surpasses other sports betting websites by offering a huge selection of lines, some of the best odds, 24-hour customer service, reliable payouts and secure transactions. 5Dimes is top of the line when it comes being the best sportsbook, dedicated to providing its customers with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering. 5Dimes takes pride in all of their features like deposits and payouts. You will never be out in the cold when it comes to payouts with 5dimes.

5 Dimes offers the bettor so many ways to get money offshore. They have eleven ways for the bettor to fund their account. They have broken down the list for US and non US bettors and welcome bettors from around the globe. They offer the regular methods such as person to person transfer, check or money order via courier and credit or debit card. They also offer unique transfer processes that other books do not have such as bitcoin, and even account to account transfer from other sportsbooks. The payout process works just as seamlessly. 

5Dimes Sportsbook has more to offer then just being a sportsbook, it has a great casino, poker room and a lottery room, as well as other great games to play!

5Dimes Sportsbook website comes with a sophisticated interface that is as quick and stable as it is easy to use. The sportsbook software is state-of-the-art and the functionality of the different features is top class and wrinkle-free.

5Dimes Sportsbook has an amazing selection of sports events to choose from, as well as some creative and sports savvy betting lines and options. They offer lines on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, motor racing, boxing, UFC, golf and tennis and several more obscure sports like water polo and lacrosse.

5Dimes players agree, the Reduced Juice Reward is the best bonus they have ever received.  Considering the hundreds, even thousands of bets that can be made over the course of a season/year, the savings can really add up. 

The industry standard for juice requires a player to normally risk $110 for every $100 they would want to win on a wager.  With 5Dimes Reduced Juice a player risks less and wins more.  5Dimes has the widest variety of Reduced Juice options saving you money every time you bet.  5Dimes players can bet reduced juice on NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA, NCAA basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, grand slam tennis, PGA golf, boxing, MMA, and special events.

5Dimes Reduced Juice offerings on football and basketball include 10-cent moneylines, 10-cent sides and 10-cent totals (-105 pricing).  When wagering at -105 odds you are wagering $105 to win $100.  This equals a discount of 50% when compared to standard -110 odds.